Fundraising Info

Catholic School Fund RaiserTired of all the candy bars and wrapping paperdisposable fund raisers?

Try selling Cookbooks!

A GREAT Way To Nourish Your Family's Faith!

They make great gifts for weddings, Christmas, birthdays, Easter,
Mother's Day, Father's Day, teachers, catechists,
new baby gifts, adoptions, house warming gifts,
anniversaries, and for any other occasion during the year.

Order some and keep them on hand!

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Cookbooks are sold to schools and church organizations at a 55% discount off of retail pricing.

You must order at least 24 cookbooks to qualify for discounted pricing.
Books are packaged in boxes of 24. Please order 24, 48, 72...

You set the price you wish to sell them for. They retail for $20.00

A great fund raiser for those wanting to spread the Gospel through holy men
and women AND make money for their school/organization.

*Please email for information regarding fund raising.

There is no work on your part. No collecting recipes, taking pictures,
making hassles!
Just order these cookbooks and sell them.
A great way to encourage families to pray and eat together.

"We sold these cookbooks at our parish and had to reorder three separate times. We were amazed at how well they were received. We are now on our 4th reorder." (250 per order)

Cooking with children unites families and they learn wholesome values. You work hard at creating a feast and then you get to enjoy it. Children are young for such a very small time. Cherish them, nurture them, guide them and bring them up with the love of God.

"Happy are all who fear the LORD, who walk in the ways of God." Psa. 128:1

"We know that all things work for good for those who love God,
who are called according to his purpose." Rom. 8:28